Selected Concerts



September 9th 2018

Frankfurt am Main

Lecture/Concert „Goethe und die Musik“

May 6th 2017

Frankfurt am Main  „Nacht der Museen“, Goethehaus

May 28th

Tiana Antica Festival (E)

Past Concerts

July 10th 2014               

Bachfestival Barcelona (E)

Sept 7th

Essen (Gitarrenfestival Ruhr)

November 2nd 2014      

Bachfestival Lausanne (CH)

January 13th 2015          

Stuttgart (GER)

Suites by J.S.Bach

March 8th  2015              

Kriens (CH)

The Spanish Romantic Song

Works by F. Sor and F. Moretti

May 24th 2015                

Soest (GER)

August 2nd 2015            

Tremp (E)

The Spanish Romantic Song

September 26th 2015    

Romainmôtier (CH)

J.S. Bach and his Masters

January 29th 2016           

Valetta International Baroque Festival (Malta)

The Music of Silence – The Magic of the Lute

Suites by J.S. Bach and J.J.Froberger

May 22nd 2016

Romainmotier (CH)


May 29 2016                    

Rheinfelden (CH)

August 18th 2016             

Appenzeller Bachtage 2016 (CH)


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